2009-01-04: Eliminate some calls to the Flickr API, which speed up the site. Hopefully things are much faster. Dreamhost seems to shut the server running the site down, which causes the initial load to be slow if the site hasn't been accessed in a while.

2009-01-02: Back on Dreamhost.

2009-12-27: Hosted on Heroku. Currently at i.vqvz.com

2009-12-24: Moving templates over to HAML. Hopefully this is invisible to you, the viewer.

2009-12-19: I've added a sets page, which will showcase selections of images that are hopefully good. You can view any of my flickr sets on this site by simply attaching the set id to the end of the url http://img.vqvz.com/set/; for example http://img.vqvz.com/set/72157622190121983. Similarly, you can view any of my individual photos on this site by adding the photo id to the end of the url http://img.vqvz.com/photo/; for example, http://img.vqvz.com/photo/4196875012. I've added this little news page to write about changes to the site. There is now an actual 401 page. We're moving on up!

2009-12-17: The site is up and running, more or less. You can read up on some of the background for this site on the about page, or on a longer post I wrote at a funkaoshi production.

Everything here is copyright Ramanan Sivaranjan 2009.