Ricoh GR1s

My name is Ramanan Sivaranjan. Right now this site is simply a nicer way to look at my photos on Flickr. At some point this site will present a selection of my photos from Flickr. Or maybe the site will do both of these things.

You can browse through the photos on this site using the 'j' and 'k' keys on your keyboard. 'j' will advance to the next photo (and if needed the next page) and 'k' will move to the previous photo (and if needed the previous page). This is similar to what you might have seen in use on the Boston Globe's The Big Picture site, or in Gmail while browsing through your emails. You can read a much longer article on the creation of this website over on at

The site was built using Sinatra, a (simple) Ruby web framework. Most, if not all, the heavy lifting is done by the incredible Flickraw rubygem. I have nothing but nice things to say about the gem. The goal was to see if I can use Flickr as the backend for a photoblog. This is looking quite likely. I will probably use this code as a starting point for another project, Bloor and Lansdowne is Blansdowne.

My previous photoblog was We Must Abuse the Broadband. It is missed.

Everything here is copyright Ramanan Sivaranjan 2009.